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Psychotherapy and counselling

Tony McSherry PhD Psychotherapist

Psychotherapy and counselling

Tony McSherry PhD Psychotherapist

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My Practice

I have worked in the therapeutic professions for over 25 years. My background is in science, philosophy, spirituality, psychiatry, psychology and psychotherapy. Our work together is like having an unusual conversation, in a warm safe relationship. As your psychotherapist our talking will be about exploring how you are in relation to others, and what thoughts come to you during this process. 

the Focus of our work together

I provide a highly confidential, non-judgmental psychotherapy space where you can talk through difficulties that are worrying you. My focus is on promoting self-understanding, self-acceptance, and personal change, understanding too what might get in the way of these. 

Become who you are

The above heading is linked to an ancient Greek poet, Pindar, and continues, "having learned what that is."  Psychotherapy involves this kind of learning, and leads to self-discovery, healing from emotional or psychological damage, and moving towards a more peaceful and happy way of being. Coming to understand what you really want, and who you really are, is part of this journey. 

psychotherapy is like an unusual conversation

Depression & Anxiety

Depression, fear, and anxiety are some of the most common and uncomfortable experiences that we can have at some point in our lives. Talking through your experiences in psychotherapy helps you recover motivation and self-understanding. Getting a better perspective helps you find the energy you once had in your life, and new personal direction. 


Trauma & bereavement

Many individuals can experience symptoms associated with painful and traumatic circumstances. Anxiety, fear, and hopelessness are some of the emotions that continue on after traumatic events. Psychotherapy helps you understand these difficult feelings,and alongside  the security of the therapeutic relationship, emotional and psychological healing begins to happen. 


Relationships are often the source of psychological and emotional distress. Couples can place each other under enormous stress, even unknowingly. Psychotherapy is beneficial to couples who are looking to understand their problems in more depth, in all stages of their relationship. Relationships are also often the focus of individual psychotherapy. 

Family relationships are also often the source of distress. It is difficult to help family members as they are so close to you. Family settings often cause you to form ways of relating that are unhealthy or damaging. 

These hills have been here for millions of years

Mountain landscape

We humans don't have that kind of time. So use your time wisely and become who you are. 

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£40-£60 per session sliding scale

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